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2.5 Inch Lift Kit Jeep JK at Iron Rock Off- Road for Performance

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Jeep enthusiasts live to push their vehicles to the limit. They have minimum boundaries. No matter the steepness of a hill, shock from the driveshaft, or determining the maximum force the suspension mount will hold. IRO works closely with these daredevils to design products that will help you push the adrenaline boundaries. IRO has grown into a favorite brand worldwide as enthusiasts consult us and recommend us for their jeep’s fittings. IRO continues to add new products to its portfolio. Each product is presented to the public after rigorous testing, prototype studies, and quality assurance.

Product Specifications

The 2.5-Inch Lift Kit Jeep JK comes with:

• A 2.5 inch front and rear coil springs

• 2.5 inch front and rear shock absorbers

• Brake line relocation brackets

• Front adjustable track bar

• And other necessary hardware

The kit provides great ground clearance over stock. It provides an increase in its performance off-road. 2.5 inch lift kit jeep JK is also easy to install. The kit is easy to upgrade in case you wish to later on. You may begin with 2.5 inch lift kit jeep JK, and as we progress, the staff at Iron Rock can customize and upgrade to accommodate off-road performance.

The estimated time to install this kit is three to four hours with a difficulty rating of 2. The kit includes necessary components without any option to adjust for the beginners. This kit requires drilling and cutting, so handle with care. The equipment also requires some welding, so we would recommend hiring a professional or follow proper safety guidelines.

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