3 Reasons Restaurants in Clearwater Use Commercial Kitchen Hood Cleaning Services

by | Oct 25, 2021 | Cleaning Services

Operating a commercial kitchen in Clearwater is a very demanding career. As a kitchen manager, chef, or restaurant or food service owner, it is essential to have the right staff, the right equipment, and to make sure everything is in top working order.

Each component of the kitchen, and particularly the restaurant kitchen hood system, has to be maintained to stay in top working order. Hiring a commercial hood cleaning service makes it easy and convenient to schedule cleanings as needed to avoid disruptions and ensure the kitchen hood is correctly cleaned and maintained.

Fast and Effective

Hiring a commercial hood cleaning service in the Clearwater area is a fast, efficient, and effective process. These professionals show up on time at the scheduled appointment, ensuring minimal or no disruption for your kitchen staff.

Ensures Compliance

Using a commercial hood cleaning service means your kitchen hood system meets fire code requirements. It is also essential to maintain your insurance, as a dirty, greasy hood is a greater source of potential fires in a commercial kitchen.

Improves the Environment

Not only does regular commercial hood cleaning keep the system working more efficiently, but it also eliminates the risk of poor ventilation. Poor ventilation results from the hot, greasy air over the cooking surfaces circulating throughout the kitchen and into the restaurant.

Choosing a professional service also ensures that other services you may need are available, including exhaust fan services, filter exchanges, and grease containment inspection and services.

Clean Hoods Express offer a complete maintenance with each cleaning at no additional cost.

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