6 Reasons for Regular Roof Inspections in Littleton CO

by | Sep 8, 2021 | Roofing

Most people take their homes’ roofs for granted until something bad happens. Just as the human body requires occasional medical checkups, residential roofs need periodic inspections to extend their lives and stay safe. In this guide, readers will learn why roof inspections are so important.

Maintenance-Related Damage

In many instances, residential air conditioners are on the roof. These units often need service, as do other rooftop mechanical systems. Unfortunately, that means maintenance personnel will be up there as well. Just walking on the roof will cause damage, as will dropped tools, heavy equipment, and debris.


Just as with humans, age takes its toll on roofs. Weathering from exposure to the elements, pests, and debris will cause all types of wear. A yearly inspection will catch such damage and resolve it before it becomes a bigger issue.

Damage From Storms

In the recent past, there have been incredibly powerful storms throughout the area, and roofs everywhere have suffered. If a homeowner suspects storm-related roof damage, they should ask for an inspection as soon as possible.

Animals and Plants

Animals, plants, and the wind may deposit a variety of seeds and spores on the roof. If left untended, they may sprout in damp areas such as debris piles and gutters, causing severe damage to the roof. However, regular cleanings will eliminate all the things that cause premature roof aging.


A proper drainage system is crucial to the roof’s overall health. With yearly roof inspections in Littleton CO, homeowners will ensure their roofs are clean, clear, and fully functional.


Especially on residential buildings, regular roof inspections will detect unlocked skylights and roof hatches before those with ill intent use them to gain access to the property.

Warranty Coverage

Roofing material manufacturers and professional roofers offer warranties on their parts and labor. Without an inspection, a customer will never see when and where damage has occurred, nor will they know when it’s time to file a warranty claim.

In Closing

Establishing a roof inspection schedule should be a top priority for all homeowners. Roofing experts will use checklists to ensure all the above items are addressed, and they will make recommendations for future maintenance, repairs, and eventual roof replacement.

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