As the Mother of a Sixteen Year Old Daughter You are Making Your First Sweet Sixteen Party

by | Nov 8, 2023 | Shopping

As a mom, you have already raised three healthy and active boys. Now your only daughter is turning sixteen and you have promised her the best Sweet Sixteen party ever in the history of your community.

You and she have planned for every single detail, no matter how small. You have picked a DJ, come up with a play list. You both have agreed on flowers and favors. You also have come up with a great appetizer menu that will satisfy all the partygoers for the hours they will spend dancing the night away. You have even come up with a great nonalcoholic drink to celebrate the occasion and gotten a professional bartending to make it all very authentic.

The last thing to do is come up with the color scheme for the party. Since you have hired a local woman who is an awesome cook to make the food, you need to supply all of the linens yourself. You plan on donating them all to the local church for their senior feeding program.

Finally you both agree on a color scheme. You want dusty rose and mauve for the colors. Now you need to find a low cost place to purchase napkins and tablecloths. Your daughter has her heart set on a polyester napkin 20 X20 dusty rose/mauve at each place. You will also need to purchase about 8-10 tablecloths in the same color set.

You research online and find a company called CV Linens which has exactly want you want in a polyester napkin 20 X20 dusty rose/mauve and matching tablecloths.

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