Benefit of Adolescent Day Treatments

by | Jan 25, 2019 | Health

When you think that your adolescent has an addiction or a behavior problem that would benefit from adolescent day treatments Minnesota, we are the right choice. Our day programs make it possible for your child to return to their own home at night, which makes therapy more tolerable for these growing kids.

Our day treatments are available for variable lengths of time. Most of the adolescents in our programs participate for at least four weeks, but we also offer longer sessions. The longer sessions ensure that your child is in a good place and can move forward in their life. The programs begin in the morning and conclude in the mid-afternoon. We understand that teens prefer to sleep in and stay up late, and our schedules can be adjusted somewhat in order to accommodate their natural sleep rhythms.

The day programs that we offer are available for different areas of focus. If your teen has a behavior problem or a diagnosed mental health disorder, we have specific day programs to help with those concerns. We also have separate day programs for teens who are facing addiction. If your adolescent has an eating disorder, our therapists offer day programs to help them recover and live a healthy life.

Families of the adolescents in our day programs may also benefit from therapy or counseling. In order to accommodate the needs and concerns of parents, guardians and siblings, we offer separate individual and family counseling that can be coordinated with the services that your adolescent receives. This helps your entire family heal and move forward in life.

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