Benefits of Installing Engineered Wood Flooring in New Jersey

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If a person is building a new home or if they are planning a home renovation, there are plenty of decisions that need to be made. One big decision is what material they are going to use on their floors. One of the most popular materials in flooring today is hardwood. Before the individual decides to install expensive hardwood flooring, they should know all of the benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring New Jersey.

It Looks Like Natural Wood

One of the major benefits of engineered wood is that it looks just like natural wood. If the homeowner purchases a high-quality engineered wood floor, nobody will ever know that it isn’t natural wood.

Less Contracting and Expansion

If solid wood flooring is installed in high moisture areas of the home, it can expand and contract which can result in damage. The great thing about engineered wood is that it can be installed in any high-moisture area of the home and won’t expand or contract.

It Is Extremely Durable

Many homeowners install engineered wood flooring in high-traffic areas because of its durability. This type of flooring is made by bonding layers and layers of plywood together before adding the top, decorative layer. It is the way that engineered wood is made that makes it so durable.

It Can Be Sanded and Refinished

Many people avoid installing engineered wood flooring because they worry that if the floors get scratched or worn that they would need to be replaced. This is not the case. The number of times that this type of flooring can be sanded depends on how thick the top layer is, however, it can be sanded throughout its lifetime. When the floors are refinished, the homeowner can change the color of the flooring when it is refinished, giving it a whole new look. This is not something that is possible with real hardwood flooring.

Wide Boards

It can be difficult to find hardwood flooring with wide boards. In many cases, the wider the boards the more expensive the floor. This is not the case with engineered hardwood flooring. Because the core boards are made of plywood, the boards can be made a lot wider than solid wood without the additional cost.

If a homeowner is trying to decide what type of flooring to install, they should consider Engineered Wood Flooring New Jersey.

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