Duct Cleaners In Appleton WI Will Improve The Air Quality In A Home

by | Oct 15, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

If occupants of a home have breathing problems or the home is always dusty, it is time to contact duct cleaners in Appleton WI. Cleaning the ductwork in a home will improve the air quality and allow easier breathing. Whether a home is old or new, the ducts in a home should be cleaned every three to five years. If the home has pets, cleaning the ductwork should be performed more frequently.

Most homeowners don’t think about their ductwork and will continue to have their carpeting and furniture cleaned, only to find a large amount of dust is still in the house. Changing the furnace or air conditioning filter regularly is a great way to remove dust from a home, but it is not enough.

Cold Air Returns

Cold air returns are usually the dirtiest ducts in the home. The air doesn’t move as quickly through these. Dirt, dust, hair, lint, viruses, bacteria, mold and other things can be trapped in the ductwork. The air travels over this debris and continues to push it throughout the home.

Using A Vacuum

A homeowner can put their vacuum hose down the vent but cannot reach deep into the vents. Even with the furnace operating, the dirt is not going to be removed without the help of duct cleaners in Appleton WI. A company who performs this type of work is an HVAC company and who is concerned about the air quality in their customers’ homes.

How Is It Performed?

Cleaning the ductwork involves the use of a high-efficiency particle air vacuum. A small opening will be cut into the ductwork and the hose will be connected. Air will be blown from each register towards the vacuum hose. All the dirt will be removed to the vacuum and the ductwork will be clean. Homes that previously had pets or smokers will notice a big difference in the smell of their home when it’s complete. The vents that cover each opening will be cleaned during the process.

If you’re tired of having dust on your furniture and counters, now is the time to have the ductwork cleaned, you can discover more here.

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