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Got Pain? Try a Rehabilitation Center in Salt Lake City

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Thousands of people live with chronic pain from injuries or health conditions. They take pain pills and doctor-prescribed medications, undergo invasive surgeries, and try home remedies. Sometimes one thing works and sometimes others work, but often, the pain remains a problem. Why? Because pain is not the condition, it is the symptom of something else being wrong. To alleviate pain, the cause of the pain must be properly diagnosed and treated. A rehabilitation center in Salt Lake City can help.

Can Physical Therapy Cure Pain?

A person’s physician is knowledgeable in many aspects of the human condition, and can treat many health problems. They can also refer a patient to another medical professional who has a specialty in the health problems in question. So, many general physicians refer their patients with chronic pain to pain specialists at physical therapy clinics. A Rehabilitation Center In Salt Lake City may be the right place to get permanent help for chronic pain.

When a patient is referred to this clinic or chooses to try physical therapy on their own, there are steps to take. For physical therapy to cure pain, the source of the pain must be determined. The first visit to a physical therapy and rehabilitation clinic will include a licensed physical therapist who will collect important patient information. This information may include medical history, the patient’s description of their pain and problems, how the condition is affecting their activities and life, the goals the patient has, and more.

First Steps

After the important medical history information has been gathered, the medical professionals will perform important tests and examinations. These include range of motion tests, muscle tests, posture analysis, neurological screening, and other specialized tests determined by the individual complaints. When these tests are complete, a comprehensive plan will be developed based on the individual’s specific condition.

Now, treatment can start. Each patient will receive lifestyle change plans, exercises, and physical therapy techniques to help them deal with and reduce the pain. Some conditions can be improved to greatly reduce or eliminate pain. Other conditions created by chronic disease or bad injuries must be managed to reduce pain and help the patient live with it. Each patient needs a unique combination of treatments to improve their lives. Visit our website for more information.

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