Pizza Made According to Family Tradition in the Tempe, AZ, Area

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Restaurant

Authentic pizza made with quality ingredients, attention to detail and great leadership by first and second-generation local operators in the Tempe, AZ, area bring a tradition of pizzeria quality to the Valley of the Sun.

The Tradition of Italian and Sicily

The entrepreneurial American dream is exemplified by the establishment of a restaurant that represents the best of Sicily, Italy and traditional families on the US Eastern Seaboard. Among the traditional foods provided, pizza near Tempe, AZ, is one of the world’s best-loved comfort foods. Whether at the table or by delivery, pizza’s unique traditional flavors and style make it a favorite.

Extensive Options and Extras

In addition to custom and handmade pizza near Tempe, AZ, made perfect to order, a local and family-run restaurant also offers a range of dishes. These can include:

  •      *   Starters
  •      *   Sandwiches
  •      *   Salads
  •      *   Entrees
  •      *   Pastas
  •      *   Calzones
  •      *   A Menu for Kids

Special Events and Weddings

A traditional pizzeria in the Tempe and Pinetop area is also equipped to handle catering and events:

  •      *   Catering for delivery or pick up, including pasta, salad, wings, sandwich and dessert options
  •      *   Weddings/special events, including rentals, limousines, rentals, DJs, balloons, decorating, servers, bartenders, entertainment, customized menus and more
  •      *   Banquet rooms for larger gatherings, apart from the restaurant and provided with a full bar, customized arrangements and restrooms.

Open Dining Rooms

According to a high level of caution regarding COVID-19 circumstances, including such measures as limited seating, dining rooms also remain officially open. Delivery, take-out and catering, however, are still recommended.

If pizza in Tempe, Pinetop or Phoenix is on for tonight, the area’s leading family-owned and operated pizzeria brings decades of culinary tradition to every order. Call Red Devil Italian Restaurant & Pizzeria at (480) 968-3505 or check out the menu online at tonight.

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