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The Importance of Wireless Fire Alarm System Maintenance in Sioux Falls

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Fire alarms are one of the most important safety features of any home or business. They are a big part of ensuring the safety of homeowners, tenants, and employees. Indeed, in many jurisdictions, having non-working fire alarms is actually against the law and one can be fined for it. Given their importance, it is also essential to ensure that they are operational at all times.

Maintaining Your Fire Alarms

Regular yearly wireless fire alarm system maintenance is crucial because some things can happen to systems that make them either non-functional or compromise their integrity, including:

* Dust: It is very common for dust and debris to build up in fire alarm units to the point that it interferes with electronics. Photoelectric sensors, for example, can become so covered in dust that they stop working or malfunction.

* Pests: Wireless fire alarm system maintenance in Sioux Falls is also important because pests such as rats and mice can eat through wiring.

* Batteries: Most fire alarm units have a backup 9-volt battery. This enables them to function even when there is a power blackout. The problem is that this battery also needs changing to ensure ongoing functionality.

Testing Your Alarm Systems

It is also crucial to test the fire alarm system at regular intervals to ensure that everything is working properly. Companies such as Summit Fire Protection can do this along with cleaning and maintenance.

Most fire alarm systems also contain a test switch that sounds a full alarm when pressed. Doing this regularly, either as a homeowner or a maintenance employee, checks whether the system is working properly. Wireless fire alarm system maintenance is crucial because it reduces the risks of a disastrous fire breaking out and destroying valuables, possessions, and lives.

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