These Are Different Types of Benefits of Skylights You Didn’t Know

by | Aug 9, 2019 | Roofing

Homeowners remodeling their homes, building a new one, or getting a new roof don’t often think of skylights. If they think of a roof at all, it’s for a roofing company to put solar panels on it. However, the benefits of skylights are hard to beat when you think of all that natural light and solar gain from skylights. There are different benefits, though, that homeowners should know about skylights.


The natural inclination is to cover up around a window. Rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms require privacy. A skylight gives homeowners plenty of natural light to do makeup and ready yourself for school or work, privately.


Generating electricity causes greenhouse gases to pollute the air. When you flip a light switch on at home, you’re adding to these pollutants. Skylights negate the need for electric light, saving the environment from more pollution. Think of the environmental impact if every house had one or two skylights.


Everyone knows they get Vitamin D from sunlight. Vitamin D is necessary for the body to make Vitamin K. However, Vitamin D also helps keep away depression. Studies have shown that those who take Vitamin D show fewer symptoms of depression. We also know that natural sunlight kicks stress to the curb and lifts the mood. That’s a happy reason to call your nearby roofing company to get skylights in your house.


As the body ages, its systems slow down or produce less of what the body needs to function properly. Eyesight is one of the first to go. Glasses get thicker, and seniors need more and more light with which to see. Natural light is better than electric, so skylights provide those whose sight is poor with bright natural light with which to see better. Contact Carroll Sons Inc. to get more information about installing or building with skylights. Carroll Sons Inc. will help you place your skylight in the best possible light.

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