What Are Your Options Under the Auto Lemon Law in Chicago, IL?

by | Apr 5, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

The auto Lemon Law was established to protect consumers from buying defective cars or trucks. The law applies when the dealership has made several attempts to repair the problem and the mechanical issue still isn’t properly repaired. In that situation, the law provides the customer with one of two of the following options.

Request a Lemon Law Buyback

This option requires the seller to buy your vehicle back. This includes repaying everything you spent on the vehicle, including your down payment and other monthly payments you have made on the loan. You’ll also be reimbursed for taxes and fees you had to pay in registering or licensing the vehicle. In repaying your registration fee, the seller is permitted to charge a usage fee, which is a fee applied to the amount of time you were able to drive the vehicle unfettered.

Request a Vehicle Replacement

Another option that’s open to you under the auto Lemon Law is to request that the seller replaces your vehicle. In this situation, the seller will take the lemon vehicle and provide you with another vehicle of the same make and model. If you bought a used vehicle, you may end up getting a newer model at no extra charge. Your down payment and loan terms will remain the same regardless of the value of the replacement vehicle. You may be asked to pay a usage fee to compensate the seller for the time you enjoyed the vehicle before experiencing the mechanical problem.

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