What Motivates People to Prefer Dental Implants in Wheaton to Dentures?

by | May 11, 2022 | Dental Care

After the dentist confirms that you are a candidate for dental implants, you immediately abandon the idea of dentures. Why is it that so many people do the same? A lot has to do with the benefits found by opting for dental implants in Wheaton is the best solution to replace missing teeth. Here are some examples.

The familiarity with how to care for implants is one attraction. Much of what you will do in the way of dental hygiene is like what you did with real teeth. You still brush, still use mouthwash, and can still use floss. Although you may need to change the type of bristles used for the toothbrush and go with floss designed for use with implants, the overall process is something you know well.

Knowing the implants stay in place is also a big draw. You’ve seen loved ones struggle when denture plates slip out of position. It’s nice to know that implants don’t move while you’re eating, talking, or laughing.

There’s also the fact that dental implants Wheaton are known to last much longer than a set of dentures. The implants proper is likely to last a lifetime. It’s true that you may need to replace the caps or crowns after 10-15 years, but that’s still much better than getting new dentures after several years.

It’s no wonder you and others have decided implants are the way to go. Talk with a professional about what sort of implants would be best in your case. Once the work is done and you see the results, there will be no doubt that you made a wise choice. For more information, please contact Dupage Dental Smiles today.

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