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What to Know About Kitchen Remodeling in Winnipeg

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Your kitchen is one of the most expensive and complicated rooms in your house. Kitchen remodeling in Winnipeg is a process that requires an expert. Your kitchen has access points for electricity, plumbing, and requires professional contractors.

A remodel can quickly turn into an expensive disaster. A professional kitchen remodeling company will have contractors to meet all the code requirements and ensure that your kitchen’s remodel will meet your design expectations.

Code Requirements

Are you thinking about moving the sink to the other side of the room? Do you want to add a larger or a two-stack oven? Kitchen remodeling in Winnipeg can require new plumbing and wiring. New plumbing is a large undertaking. A professional plumber should always perform the plumbing while a certified electrician addresses your wiring needs.

Did you know that a GFCI protector is needed for outlets near a water source? Did you know that hanging light sources must be a certain number of inches from a countertop? Your kitchen renovations must meet code requirements. Licensed contractors know your province’s code requirements and will ensure that the new remodel passes inspection.


Before remodeling your kitchen, you have thought about the new appliances, the new countertops, and the style you are looking for, but have you thought about where you are going to store all the materials?

New cabinetry and new equipment take up a lot of space. If the cabinets are installed last, do you want to have to store them while the floors are being finished? Is the carpenter arriving Tuesday, but the materials are not being delivered until Wednesday? A professional kitchen remodeling company will navigate the workflow of your kitchen remodel, facilitating the process to run smoothly.

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