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Used in the field of orthodontics, Invisalign in Sherburn, MN, is an alternative technique to traditional dental appliances. This method relies on the use of a series of clear aligners that enables the patient to align the teeth gradually according to the treatment plan established by the practitioner. This method first provides an aesthetic appeal because the trays are transparent. Another advantage is that the patient does not need to consult their dentist as frequently as they would have when wearing traditional braces. Consultations every 3 to 4 months are likely sufficient.

Regarding the duration of treatment, it may be shorter than with more traditional orthodontic treatments. With the advancement of 3D technology, a series of aligners are manufactured to fit the patient’s teeth perfectly. They are made of a material called thermoplastic, which is very durable and suitable for medical use. Every set is customized specifically for each stage of the process.

Each aligner is worn for 2 weeks before moving on to the next. Until the end of treatment when your teeth have regained their alignment. Invisalign for adults in Sherburn, MN, will help move the teeth in a controlled manner, applying precise movements. In addition to this controlling movement, Invisalign also controls the speed of said movement. The orthodontist will prescribe the manufacturing of your Invisalign treatment plan and the desired adjustments needed to correct your smile.

Once the trays have been manufactured, the patient will have to wear them for about two weeks, only removing them to eat, drink and brush their teeth. As the patient progresses in the treatment, their teeth will gradually shift until they reach their final corrected position. Checkups are few and far between, especially when compared to traditional braces, mainly due to the control of this modern treatment. Contact Birch Street Dentistry to learn more.

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