2 Tests to Conduct at Your Data Center to Prepare for Outages and More

by | Mar 26, 2021 | Business

Has your data center recently experienced its first power outage? Are you now devising a plan to prepare for future outages but do not how or where to start? Are you also wondering how your data center can operate at peak performance? If so, here are two important tests you should conduct to help you prepare your data center for power outages, whether unscheduled or planned and to ensure peak performance.

Factory Witness Testing

One important test you should consider performing is a factory witness test. A factory witness test is a type of assessment that simulates real-life conditions. It will test your UPS system’s components to ensure they are working properly and are operating efficiently.

Reliability Assurance Testing

Another important test you should consider conducting to help your data center prepare for a power outage and to ensure it is operating at peak performance is a reliability assurance test. As its name implies, this assessment will check your UPS system for reliability to ensure failure-free operation for a specific time period in a particular environment.

Quality Commissioning Services

Perhaps you are beginning to feel overwhelmed and are now seeking assistance from an expert company that offers data center commissioning process services to help you perform these types of assessments and more. When searching for a professional company that offers data center commissioning process services, consider choosing a highly reputable and reliable company. This ensures you hire only the best experts in the market to help you prepare for outages and to ensure your data center performs optimally.

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