2 Types of Delicious Brunch Food to Offer Your Clients in Maryland

by | May 28, 2021 | Business

Did you just arrive at work and have been tasked to provide brunch for clients during an important business meeting? Are you now in a panic because you are unsure what type of food you should order for them? Are you running out of time? If you answered yes, then here are two types of food you should order and who you should order from.

Pancakes and Waffles

One type of brunch food you should order and provide to your company’s clients are pancakes and waffles. When someone mentions brunch, some of the first things that typically come to mind are these fan favorites. Delight your clients by ordering pancakes and waffles with chocolate chips and bacon bits on the side.


Pizza is another type of brunch food you should order for the meeting. Nothing else can provide the perfect balance between breakfast and lunch than pizza. Consider ordering a variety of pizzas to ensure there is something for everyone in the meeting.

Where to Order on Atlantic Avenue

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