3 Signs It’s Time for Drug Rehab

by | Dec 18, 2018 | Health

You know things are bad. You know you’re struggling. But do you really need to resort to drug rehab?

Here are some signs it might be time to check into a rehab program near you:

Your Behavior has Become Reckless

Most people know that drinking or operating heavy machinery while intoxicated isn’t safe or legal. However, struggling with addiction can make decision making difficult. The problem is, taking these risks doesn’t just endanger you, it puts your passengers and everyone else on and near the road at risk as well. If you’ve found yourself driving high or drunk, it’s time to get help.

Your Drug or Alcohol Use is Affecting Your Health

The human body is resilient. Occasional drug or alcohol use doesn’t typically have a lasting impact on a person’s health. However, recurring drug use and abuse will often lead to health problems and can even cause permanent health conditions. A drug or alcohol-related health condition is a sure sign that you’ve got a substance abuse problem.

Your Relationships are Becoming Strained Due to Your Substance Use

Those who drink or use drugs regularly often find that those they love become worried or angry with them for doing so. The more often you use, the more likely this is to happen. If you find that many of your friends and family members are worried about your health, angry with you for your substance use, or are frequently talking to you about quitting using drugs or drinking, it’s almost certainly time to seek help. Remember, these are the people who love you most – if they’re willing to say something, imagine what others might be thinking!

When it’s time to check into a Fort Lauderdale drug rehab program, talk to your friends and family about supporting you through the process. They can go with you to check in, talk to and encourage you during your stay or during your outpatient therapy process, and help you maintain your sobriety after succeeding.

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