4 Benefits of a Private Jet Charter in Sarasota FL

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Jet Charter

While commercial airliners are making their first class seating more luxurious than ever, private jets are still the most convenient and opulent way to travel. They offer a range of advantages that commercial airlines can’t match. Here, potential clients will learn some of the major benefits of a Private Jet Charter in Sarasota FL.

Landing Closer to the Destination

When flying on a private plane, clients get to choose their arrival and departure terminals. If a client lives near a private airfield or airport, they can avoid traffic at busy hubs. And, once the plane is in the air, it can land at whichever airfield is closest to the destination. With a private jet, clients can spend less time getting there and more time being there.

No Long Layovers

With private jet charters, clients aren’t limited to the commercial airlines’ flight schedule. Whether it’s a meeting in Paris or a visit to Boston, private jets provide direct service. There’s no more sleeping in an airport or running to catch a flight. Here, the plane waits for the passenger.

Leaving When It’s Convenient

As mentioned before, commercial flights stick to schedules that are heavily influenced by external variables. The most common cause of flight delays isn’t weather; it’s late aircraft. When flying on a Private Jet Charter in Sarasota FL, clients choose departure times that suit their schedule rather than the airline’s.


The perfect flight would be one where the other passengers are those who have been personally invited. On private charter flights, it’s possible to hold confidential meetings, work uninterrupted, or simply spend time with those who matter most. With a private flight, clients can be driven right to the tarmac, or they can wait in a secluded lounge.

These reasons are just some of the biggest benefits of private jet travel. While it may cost more than commercial air, it’s more economical than many believe. Charter flights are so comfortable and luxurious that, once a person has done it, it’s hard to go back to those overcrowded, noisy commercial airlines. On the next business trip or vacation, consider booking a flight with Elitejets.com or calling for more details.

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