4 Unbelievable Perks of Living in Texas State Student Apartments

by | Apr 12, 2024 | Student Housing Center

If you are going back to college, consider staying in the Texas State student apartments. Besides being affordable, these apartments are usually furnished. Most of them are also pet-friendly, so you can stay with your furry friends. Below are a few other perks of residing in student apartments.

1. Increased Privacy

Compared to living in campus dorms, off-campus student apartments guarantee more privacy. Most apartments come with a bedroom and a bathroom for separate use. In addition, the apartments do not have stubborn resident assistants like campus dorms.

2. Select Roommate

Another perk of living in the Texas State student apartments is having the liberty to select your roommate. Besides using roommate-matching services to find someone to stay with, you can live with your friend, partner or colleague. Staying alone is also an option in these apartments.

3. More Living Space

Campus dorms are usually smaller in size. On the other hand, student apartments are larger and have more living space. Most student apartments also have a kitchen area, a living room and a bedroom. Some apartments have multiple bedrooms to accommodate more students.

4. Convenient Location

Most student apartments are located a few miles from college to ensure students can reach class quickly. Moreover, the apartments are conveniently situated near malls, clubs, and other destinations that students would find interesting.

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