A DUI Attorney Helps Clients Under Age 21 Prevent the Worst Consequences

by | Dec 10, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

Men and women younger than age 21 are not allowed to consume alcohol in Illinois unless they have direct permission from a parent. For instance, a parent can permit the young adult to drink alcohol at home or buy this person a drink at a restaurant.

Under no circumstances, however, is someone under 21 allowed to drive after consuming any amount of alcohol. Hiring a Woodridge DUI attorney may be necessary to prevent the worst consequences after this person has been charged with driving under the influence.

Zero Tolerance

The zero-tolerance policy in Illinois means a police officer can arrest a driver younger than 21 even if the blood alcohol content is under .08. A driver with a BAC of .08 is considered legally impaired, but that law does not apply to people younger than 21.

Underage Drinking

The person will be charged with underage drinking as well as DUI. A conviction carries the risk of severe penalties. A Woodridge DUI attorney persuades judges to be lenient and issue the lowest sentence allowed by law.

Although underage drinking is a misdemeanor in Illinois, potential penalties are still serious. A judge can issue a monetary fine of up to $500 and a jail sentence of up to six months. Many individuals are shocked when they learn of these possible harsh consequences. In addition, the young adult who has also been charged with DUI faces additional fines and a potential jail sentence.

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