An Overview Of A Visit To A Medical Marijuana Doctor In Panama City, FL

by | Oct 11, 2021 | Medical Equipment

The first visit to any doctor is the most difficult. Scheduling an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor in Panama City, FL, is a very simple, stress-free experience. The actual appointment is also stress-free, and it is not at all like a typical visit to your family doctor or specialist.

The first step in the process is to find a medical marijuana doctor in Panama City, FL. While you can use a medical marijuana doctor anywhere in the state, it makes sense to work with one in your area. This makes it easier to schedule an appointment for renewal as needed in the future.

Step 1. Online Qualification

Before scheduling an appointment with a medical marijuana doctor, the patient completes a basic online questionnaire. This serves as a registration and also allows the patient to indicate their diagnosis of a qualifying condition or a similar kind or class of condition.

Step 2. Provide Patient Information Forms

These forms are designed to provide more information for the medical marijuana doctor. The intake forms are typically required at least 24-hours before the scheduled appointment. Payment for the appointment is also required at this time.

Step 3. Scheduled the Appointment

Scheduling online allows you to choose the best times for your busy day. These exams take about 20 minutes. They include a review of your medications, medical history, and treatment. It also provides time for you to ask questions and for the doctor to determine if you qualify for a recommendation for medical marijuana.

At or after the appointment, the doctor will provide the required information to the state registry. The patient then receives an email with a link to finish the application, pay the fee, and receive a temporary MMJ card by email.

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