Bring a Friend and More Tips to Perform a Good Test Drive in Oak Park

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If you have done your research on Fiat vehicles, you may be ready to visit a Fiat dealer in Oak Park. Here are a few things you should know about taking a car on a test drive.

It is always helpful to bring a friend to a dealership with you. They will be an extra set of eyes and ears. They can help you ask the right questions and can give another opinion on a vehicle after a test drive.

Most test drives take about half an hour. If you will be visiting a dealership in a town that you are unfamiliar with, plan the route ahead of time. You want to take the vehicle through residential areas, on highways, and through other areas where you will take the vehicle in your normal routine if you purchase it.

Take your phone along with you to the Fiat dealer in Oak Park. Make sure to take pictures of the vehicle and record notes.

There are several things you want to look for as you examine the vehicle and test drive it. Make sure the seats are comfortable, your gear will fit in the trunk, and everything works properly. Make sure it turns smoothly, brakes properly, and smells all right. Make sure it doesn’t have any signs of flood damage or any chips, scratches, or dents.

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