Can Your Business Improve Its Image Through Corporate Photography In San Jose CA?

by | Feb 8, 2021 | Business

There are many reasons why a corporation might feel the need to improve its image. One way or another, most businesses are about buying and selling – be it products or services. For the business to prosper; not only must others know about it; but, the businesses’ aims and objectives should always be seen in a favorable light.

Going A Step Beyond Basic Advertising

Corporate photography in San Jose CA takes many forms; at its most basic, it takes the form of pictures of the company’s products for use in brochures, print adverts and on their website. If the corporation is large enough, these photographs may be taken in house rather than contracted out to a nearby photographic studio. By and large, these are static images that serve no other purpose than to illustrate the product and support the text written about it.

However, if (for example) the corporation is seeking to raise a lot of money from the public at large by way of a share issue; there can be a need for something better than a “flat” studio photograph of the products. A “dusty tome” could be written which boringly gives the history of the corporation and, maybe, a condensed version of the company accounts – is that going to appeal to the “man in the street” and get him to invest his hard earned money in that corporation?

A better result might be achieved if a glossy brochure is produced which, in a few pictures, tells the corporate story in an eye catching manner with a minimum of words. This sort of corporate photography in San Jose CA is produced by photographers who go beyond simply taking technically perfect photographs.


In photojournalism, the words are secondary to and support the photographs which, when viewed as a series of events tell an interesting story. This approach to corporate photography in San Jose CA is more likely to improve the public’s image of a corporation than a huge amount of written words. The people running the corporation may well be the best experts in what the corporation actually does; but, they are probably not the best people to communicate their activities to the public at large. This means that, when concerned over their corporate image, they should be prepared to consult with and hire professionals.

For the most effective corporate photography in San Jose CA; you should consult with experts in the art of photojournalism. One of the best outfits in town is that run by the Bay Area Video & Photography; call them on (408) 688-9090 and see how they can help your company.

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