Common Mistakes With Do-It-Yourself Ecommerce Website Design

by | Aug 27, 2021 | Digital Marketing

Most ecommerce platforms offer a variety of templates and do-it-yourself options to set up an e-commerce website. While these templates are functional and provide limited opportunities for customization, they do not provide a unique look and feel found when a Dayton business uses an ecommerce website design service.

There are several common mistakes that create problems for ecommerce sites. Working with an ecommerce website design service prevents these issues and creates an amazing site for your target audience.

Too Much Stuff on the Page

Trying to place too many items or too much text on a page is a problem on any type of website. With an ecommerce site, the page must be easy to scan quickly and allow the end-user to find what they are looking for on the page.

Customers have too many options where they can make an online purchase. If your website is not visually pleasing and easy to use, they will go elsewhere.

Not Enough Product Information

The balance between too much information and too many images on a page and the need for the customer to have the details of the product can be difficult. Ideally, providing the basics such as size, materials, colors, weight, dimensional measurements, or other particulars related to the specific product is helpful for shoppers.

A good strategy is to consider what you would want to know about the product when making a purchase. This can be done in a chart or basic bulleted list for easy access.

Easy to Use Cart and Checkout

Two elements of ecommerce website design that are often overlooked are the ease of using the shopping cart and a simple checkout process. An ecommerce design service can brand and customize both of these essential website features to meet the needs of your Dayton business.

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