Common Reasons Why You Might Need a Health Certificate for Dogs

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As the owner of several canines, you are responsible for making sure that they pose no hazard to anyone in the public. You are expected to keep them on leashes when you take them on walks. You may even be expected to muzzle them when you take them to the vet’s office.

You also may be asked to prove that they are safe and pose no risk when you move to a new apartment or travel with them. You can show that they pose no hazard to anyone by getting a health certificate for dogs from your veterinarian.

Moving into a New Rental Home

When you lease an apartment, condo, townhouse or home, you may be asked to provide proof of your dogs’ vaccinations and overall wellness. Your new landlord wants to know that your canines do not have rabies, for example. He or she may also want to know that they have no condition that can ruin the place that you are renting.

Your vet can perform a thorough examination on each of your dogs and make sure that they are healthy enough to live in a rented home. You can show those credentials to your landlord and prove that your pets will be safe enough to live there.

You also may need a health certificate for dogs if you travel internationally for them. It can shorten the time your dogs will have to spend in quarantine at the border.

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