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Couple-Based Workouts for This Valentine’s Day

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What better way to celebrate this upcoming Valentine’s Day, than by doing something both fun and active with your partner? You’ll feel healthy, accomplished, and refreshed when throwing a dash of fitness into the mix on this romantic holiday. For tips and ideas for a couple-based workout for this Valentine’s Day, continue reading.

Romantic Hike

Hiking is an excellent form of exercise, as it combines cardio with a rigorous mental workout too. It’s tough — but the views will be worth it. Also, hiking will get you out of the city and exploring new territory. Pack a romantic picnic to enjoy once you’ve reached the top for an even more romantic evening. Try trawberries with cacao. It’s a healthier version of the famous chocolate-dipped strawberries everyone loves to splurge on.

Run by the Lake of Beach

Another great couple’s workout is a relaxing run by the beach. The sound of the waves is soothing, and the sand underneath your feet will feel like a dream — even while running. If you don’t live near the coast, consider a romantic run by the lake instead.

The First Step to Getting in Shape: A Physical Fitness Program

However, if you don’t live by any bodies or water or nice trails, consider signing up for a fitness group challenge. THE MAX Challenge Of New Providence, for example, can help you and your spouse of partner crank your fitness up a notch. Go ahead and give your loved one the gift of fitness this Valentine’s. You can learn more about their 10-week physical fitness program.

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