Custom Diamond Rings in Madison WI: How to Grade their Dazzle

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Among the Custom Diamond Rings in Madison WI that are featured online, the solitaire is often the star of the show. This is because the stone has to stand alone in terms of cut, clarity, and carat weight. Singularly dazzling, the solitaire is simple and striking at the same time. That is why it is the preferred diamond ring for engagement settings.

Making a Bold Statement

Indeed, a solitaire diamond ring continues to be so popular because it is designed for women who want a classic diamond but wish to make a bold statement in a piece of engagement jewelry.

You can enhance solitaire diamond rings as well. Pair the engagement ring with a diamond wedding band or with an enhancer ring to lend even more personality. If you wish to customize the ring, choose the diamond first, then the setting. While it is important to consider the cut, clarity, color, and carat weight, don’t base a decision on these elements alone.

What Kind of Impact Does the Stone Have in its Setting?

You also need to look at the size of the diamond, which is not the same as the carat count. Carat count is the weight of the diamond. Therefore, a one-carat diamond can appear bigger or smaller, depending on its shape or how it is cut. Focus less on the carat weight and concentrate more on what kind of impact the stone makes. A solitaire can look larger without costing as much as a higher carat weight diamond.

Typically, round diamond rings are the traditional favorite for solitaire engagement rings, but other shapes are available, too. For instance, the princess cut is rectangular or square. Or, if you want to dramatize a setting, then choose a cut that is marquise, pear, or emerald in the design.

How white a diamond is (the color) and the clarity (the inclusions in the diamond) also affect cost. However, the lower grades in color or clarity are not as beautiful. Nevertheless, you will not notice a huge difference if the grade is in the middle of the grading scale.


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