Pain Management

Determining When to Get Medical Care for Leg Pain in Jacksonville

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It is common for individuals to deal with leg pain in Jacksonville because of injuries, overuse, or wear and tear of any of the bones, joints, muscles, ligaments, or tendons in the legs. It could be that a person has leg pain because of problems related to the lower spine. Other causes of leg pain include poor circulation, blood clots, or varicose veins.

For some individuals, rest and treatments at home are enough to reduce the pain and allow the body to heal the injury naturally. However, there are situations that would cause a person to need emergency help. The individual would want to go to the emergency room if they hear a grinding or popping sound when their leg is injured or if they have a deep cut. If their calf is warm, red, or swollen, this would indicate emergency care is needed.

You should schedule an office visit if your pain does not get better with at-home care. If you have pain while you walk or you have swelling in both legs, you should consult with medical professional. There are various methods that a doctor will used to treat leg pain in Jacksonville. The treatment will depend on the problem that is causing the pain.

The goal is typically to get the body to heal the injury without the use of surgery. Prescription pain medication may be used initially to reduce pain. Medical professionals prefer to use exercise, physical therapy, and massage with the goal of helping the body heal.

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