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Disuse Syndrome Linked To Chronic Pain

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Millions of Americans, approximately 20 percent, suffer chronic pain. Eight percent suffer chronic pain limiting one life activity such as walking. Higher occurrences of chronic pain have embraced women, the unemployed, seniors, and those living in poverty.

tell us that chronic pain has been associated with depression and anxiety, opiate abuse, minimal mobility, and decreased quality of life. That being said, studies show that chronic pain is the direct result of disuse syndrome.

This classification was first discovered in the mid 1980s, and it defines the sedentary lifestyle. Those who sit at work and return home to sit at night are in danger of their muscles being reduced in size. This means chronic pain and will require a visit to Coastal Spine and Pain for treatment.

Those who have had a cast on an arm or leg will understand. They had to rehabilitate their muscles in order to elongate them for proper use.

If muscles aren’t used in exercise, they waste away. The body will become weak. Chronic pain will set in, and it won’t go away. The is the true meaning of the phrase “move it or lose it.”

The body will suffer other effects of disuse. Not enough oxygen will be taken in, so the heart won’t pump as much oxygenated blood throughout the body. Blood pressure will decrease. The brain won’t get enough oxygen from exercise. This means that depression and anxiety will set in.

Jacksonville’s Riverside Pain Physicians offers a varied array of pain treatment options up to and including minimally invasive surgery for chronic pain. Coastal Spine and Pain is about treating not just the patient’s chronic pain, but the whole patient.

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