DJF Exchange Makes Tax Codes Like the 1031 Exchange Easier for Businesses and Residents

by | Aug 10, 2021 | Lawyers & Law Firms

The highly acclaimed and respected law firm DJF Exchange is overseen by legal tax expert David J. Franks. Our practice is known throughout Davenport and the surrounding areas as one of the leading client-focused law firms in the area, and since our establishment in 1990 we have been committed to providing the best legal tax service and advice to residents of Davenport. The secret to the success we have seen is the unique team approach that we take each and every time we work with our clients.

Categories of Services at DJF Exchange

Our focus has largely been on the following areas of tax services:

  • Families. Legal tax help for families in Davenport and neighboring communities
  • Small Business. Tax code help for business transactions and exchanges
  • Individuals. Tax and legal guidance for individuals

Our team has decades of experience, and our concentrations include real estate, tax codes, investments, and exemptions.

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There is a lot that has to be worked through when it comes to navigating the twisted and often confusing road of tax codes. Whether you are a business owner trying to balance your income, expenses and investments, or you are an individual who needs help with your taxes and needs to brush up on tax lingo a bit, we are here for you! DJF Exchange has the experience, tools, and knowledge to give you the upper hand and to instill the confidence you need to move forward with whatever plans you may have for the future.

Many businesses and individuals alike find it is much easier to have the peace of mind that comes with having a skilled and experienced tax expert working with them throughout the process. Call today and let us help you out!

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