Elevate Your Home’s Decor With a Chandelier

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Electrical

When it comes to home decorating, the options are endless. One important aspect of decorating is lighting. Use of carefully selected lighting elements can transform your decorating efforts from beautiful to breathtaking. Yet, choosing the right lighting for your environment is not easy. Luckily, vendors like Fox Lighting Galleries are available to help you get the most out of chandeliers in Chicago. Check out these tips for decorating with chandeliers.

Kitchen Chandeliers

Most people think of putting a chandelier over the dining room table, but there are other suitable placements. Think about putting a chandelier over the kitchen island to add some perk to the kitchen. When choosing a chandelier for this setting, opt for a smaller sized model that won’t overwhelm the kitchen’s atmosphere. Adding this piece gives the space some personality and helps provide light for cooking.

Chandelier Night Lights

There’s a lot you can do with chandeliers in the bedroom. Try placing a small chandelier above each of the room’s nightstands. This creates a warm, inviting feeling in the bedroom. It also provides a unique twist to the nightstand and lamp look.

Bathroom Lighting Ideas

The bathroom is one place where appropriate lighting is crucial. Most bathrooms rely on an above the mirror light, or a ceiling dome light. You can add an elegant look to the bathroom with a fancy chandelier. Try placing your chosen piece over the bathtub to create a relaxing, romantic mood. You’ll appreciate models with a dimmer switch for calming, after work baths.

Nursery Chandeliers

Remember to make creative use of chandeliers in Chicago. An often overlooked place for chandeliers is the nursery room. A softly colored chandelier can add a special touch to the baby’s room. Dimming lights are great for this application too. They can help soothe infants during naptime and bedtime.

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