Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Cosmetic Dentistry in Surprise AZ

by | Jan 3, 2022 | Dental Care

While a traditional dentist focuses on preventing, diagnosing and treating teeth and gum disease and oral hygiene, a Cosmetic Dentistry in Surprise AZ focuses on improving the look of a patient’s smile, mouth, and teeth. So, in other words, a family dental practice, a general or a restorative dentist addresses problems that require necessary treatment whereas a cosmetic dentist provides an elective service or treatment.

However, a cosmetic dentist may also provide a number of restorative benefits as well. For instance, a dental filling is a common type of procedure used to treat a tooth that has decayed. In previous years, the majority of fillings were comprised of mostly amalgam, gold or other materials that sometimes discolored a person’s teeth. Today, though, a filling may be treated by a Cosmetic Dentistry in Surprise AZ because the patient can select a filling made of either composite materials or porcelain that closely match a person’s tooth color, which will maintain the natural appearance of both the smile and teeth, overall. In fact, many patients are choosing to have older dental fillings replaced with newer fillings for enhancement reasons.

In recent years, the technological advancements in natural-looking dental materials make cosmetic dentistry treatments more predictable and durable than before. In addition, cosmetic dentists are now using much more conservative techniques to preserve as much of a person’s natural tooth structure as possible.

A Cosmetic Dentistry in Surprise AZ is also using a number of different technologies, such as lasers, in order to perform some of the necessary cosmetic treatment procedures in his or her office, which eliminates the need to refer a patient out to a specialist. This makes procedures, like smile makeovers, much more convenient and comfortable for people. It also usually reduces recovery time as well.

The cosmetic dentistry field has certainly helped people’s smiles to get a lot bigger and a lot broader, especially in recent years. For more information on how a Cosmetic Dentistry in Surprise AZ can help yours, look online for a dentist in your neighborhood.

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