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by | Apr 10, 2019 | Business

West Coast Cannabis Club offers medical marijuana delivery service in Palm Desert. We combine premium cannabis with exemplary product knowledge and service to bring you outstanding selections without any hassle.

Selecting Cannabis: The Basics

Finding the right assortment of products just for you is easier said than done. Your biology and medical needs are very specific, so you require cannabis products that address your requirements without adverse effects. Our seasoned, friendly team speaks the cannabis language. Our knowledge of strains and varieties helps us pair the ideal product with your biology, particular health challenges and tastes.

Preference vs. Requirements

When choosing cannabis, it’s helpful to know each strain’s unique characteristics and effects. A strain encyclopedia is one way to acquaint yourself with each strain’s profile. Publications like Leafly are also helpful. At West Coast Cannabis Club, we pride ourselves on diverse, comprehensive knowledge of popular and obscure strains, giving you the fine print to help you make more informed decisions.

For example, a popular hybrid called Girl Scout Cookies consistently relieves symptoms such as appetite loss, pain and nausea. Girl Scout Cookies uplifts your mood, makes you happy and relaxed. It’s great for depression and stress.

Similarly, Pineapple Express is an intense, sativa-dominant hybrid. It lifts your mood, giving you a smooth hint of euphoria and creative inspiration. For those who require relief from pain and fatigue, Pineapple Express provides escape from anxiety and leaves you refreshed for the pursuit of fun creative projects.

Our Palm Desert Menu

Our medical marijuana delivery service in Palm Desert puts a vast, delicious menu of curated products at your fingertips. Our inventory includes hybrid, indica and sativa as well as CBD, topical, tincture and edible products. We also stock a full array of extracts for vaping. Flavor profiles are diverse and scrumptious, with everything from fruit, candy, dessert and herbs to special concept flavors.

Contact us today for medical marijuana delivery service in Palm Desert.

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