Finding an Efficient Anxiety Therapist Near Me in Jacksonville, FL

by | Jun 5, 2024 | Health

There are six categories of anxiety disorders, and more than 19 million Americans suffer from these mental health conditions each year. Some folks have circumstantial episodes that are triggered by things going on in their lives, but for others, the battle with anxiety goes on for many years.

Those asking themselves how to find an anxiety therapist near me in Jacksonville, FL, are in luck. Many trained specialists can help overcome these debilitating conditions without leaving the comforts of home.

Six Types of Anxiety

Of the six types of anxiety, an individual can have more than one variety. For instance, someone who suffers from social anxiety might also struggle with the general varieties. Here is a brief description of each kind and the symptoms.

1. Generalized GAD

GAD typically focuses on the big three: health, finances, and work. These worries go beyond ordinary concerns and interfere with one’s life.

2. Social

Someone who suffers from social anxiety fears social settings. Mundane tasks like grocery shopping or speaking at a company meeting may be overwhelming.

3. Separation

This form of anxiety typically affects children between the ages of 1-10. However, it can affect a person at any age. Ironically, it even affects pets. Being separated from a comfort person can send this person into a tailspin of emotions.

4. Panic

Anyone can have a panic attack at some point, but when the attacks become frequent or so incapacitating that a person cannot function, it becomes a disorder. The symptoms of panic differ for each person, but the feeling of impending doom remains the same.

5. Agoraphobia

Although agoraphobia could also go into the category of phobias, mental health experts feel it warrants a category of its own. A person with this disorder starts avoiding places where they have a panic or anxiety episode. Soon, they find the only safe place is their home, and they refuse to leave.

6. Phobias

A phobia is when anxiety focuses on an object or cluster of things. For instance, people might think it’s commonplace to be afraid of snakes and spiders, but when a person avoids going outside due to the presence of these critters, it turns into a phobia. Other common phobias include blood, heights, storms, and even objects linked with bad memories.

Finding Help

For those who’ve asked how to find an efficient anxiety therapist near me in Jacksonville, FL, take comfort in knowing there’s help and hope. Skylar Hollabaugh Counseling provides telehealth services so that people struggling with anxiety can get the help they need without interrupting their day. For more information on this and other services they offer, visit

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