Food Bank Support Systems and Suppliers Create Big Positive NYC Impacts

by | Nov 23, 2021 | Non-profit Organization

There are a few basic needs that everyone has in order to survive, and one of the most vital is having healthy food to eat. Even though America is the wealthiest country in the world, food insecurity affects nearly one in every eight households in America.

The Lifeline of Food Banks

For families and individuals who struggle with food insecurity, such as those who need help from food banks New York City services having access to healthy foods at a food bank is often a lifeline. While food banks receive private donations, they also have the ability to get large quantities of food donated from manufacturers, farmers, and grocers to aid in their large-scale distribution efforts. This gives them the ability to have an extensive impact on their communities.

Primary Food Bank Recipients

While many different groups benefit from food banks, such as low-income families, the elderly, the disabled, and the poor, single-parent households are the most prominent groups that benefit from food banks. Statistics from the U.S. Department of Agriculture Economic Research Service show that one in three single mothers face food insecurity which significantly impacts their ability to care for their children. This accounts for nearly half of all people who struggle with having enough healthy food to eat.

The good news is that through programs like Heavenly HARVST Foundation, which services Food Banks New York City locations as well as others across the country, access to healthy food supplies has increased for those in need. You can learn more about how to get involved in their efforts at

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