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Get All You Need With Student Housing Near the University of South Carolina

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The place you choose to live while going to the university will have direct impact on how well you do. If you want to be able to rest well, study hard, enjoy life, and graduate, you need a comfortable place to live. You can expect to have all your needs met with off-campus student housing near University of South Carolina.

When it comes to resting well, you will be able to enjoy a furnished apartment that has private bedrooms for each roommate. There are full-size beds in the bedrooms. There are walk-in closets and private bathrooms. You will have everything you need to live comfortably in the apartment, including a full kitchen where you can cook healthy meals. The kitchen has a microwave and dishwasher.

You will be able to study hard when living in off-campus student housing near University of South Carolina. You will be surrounded by fellow students, so you can build a valuable network and have friends you can stay up with late to study. There are private study spaces in the complex and a business center. You will be able to get to and from the university easily in the private shuttle bus.

You can enjoy your time while living in off-campus student housing. There are pet-friendly apartments. There is a weight training and fitness center, swimming pool, basketball courts, tennis ball courts, and poolside lounge.

Visit to learn how Alight Columbia is an apartment community that has been designed for students near the University of South Carolina and offers a full set amenities.

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