Healthy Septic Tanks Require Regular Septic Service in Eatonton, GA

by | Sep 7, 2022 | Plumbing & Plumbers

Septic tanks are an easy and effective way to eliminate waste in your home or business. But they are much more likely to break than a sewer system for a whole city. Fixing a septic tank can be expensive, so we recommend regular septic service in Eatonton, GA, and paying close attention to what goes into your tank.

What Goes into Your Tank?

Your septic tank gets water from many different places in your home. The septic system is where water from sinks, tubs, bathrooms, and laundry rooms goes. Any organic matter in the tank is broken down by a small group of bacteria, which lets it go back into the environment. You shouldn’t smell anything bad from the tank or the drain field. But some things can’t be broken down and will build up as sludge in the tank. As part of your septic system service, it is recommended to have the tank pumped every three years to remove this build-up.

Things That Don’t Belong in a Septic Tank

When there are blockages in the system, it leaks, smells terrible, and costs a lot for emergency septic service in Eatonton, GA. Diapers, paper towels, cigarette ends, and sanitary products are bad for any sewer system but awful for a septic tank. Grease, fats, and frying oils add to the sludge and scum in the tank and may leak out and contaminate the area around it. Bacterial cultures break up solids that are flushed down the toilet. These organisms are killed by gasoline, weed killer, and other solvents, which stop your tank from working.

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