Heating Oil in New York Saves the Day

by | Nov 19, 2021 | Heating Oil Supplier

Oil-fired powered plants saved New England from catastrophic blackouts during the coldest days of winter 2014. Electricity grids had failed. Natural gas-fired power plants could not produce to capacity. The affordable and abundant supply of heating oil produced and refined in the United States saved the day for New England.

In recent years, the costs of natural gas and electricity have risen. In 2013 the United States Energy Information Administration projected higher heating costs for winter months from October through March. It was projected that homes heating with electric would spend 2% more, and heating with natural gas would spend 13% more. At the same time, it was predicted that homes which used heating oil would spend at least 2% less. While the costs of electricity and natural gas have risen, the cost of home heating oil has fallen by 22%. It actually costs less to heat your home with oil than with electricity.

Home heating oil is also known as No. 2 heating oil. Home heating oil is a mixture of petroleum-based oil that is delivered by trucks with tanks to homes and businesses. The heating oil is stored in tanks (usually above ground) on the property next to the buildings. Heating oil is used extensively in the Northeast United States. It is easy to find Heating Oil in New York, as well as suppliers of oil-fired heating systems.

An oil-fired heating system sends fuel through a nozzle, and forms a fine mist that is combined with air from the unit’s burner blower. The vapor of this mixture is then ignited by a spark and heats air that is pushed into passageways throughout a building’s ducts. During the heating season, various parts of an oil-fired heating system can build up with dirt, soot and debris. Annual cleaning and maintenance of a home heating oil unit is crucial to keep the system running efficiently and safely. An experienced home heating oil contractor & supplier can best perform this task easily and inspect for leaks while cleaning. Some contractors will include annual maintenance and inspection in their customer supply contracts.

This winter, heating your home with heating oil makes good economical sense and proves to be a reliable source of comfort and reliability. There is simply no other reliable, domestic source of fuel or energy proven to prevent a frozen catastrophe when bitter cold visits again. For more details, visit our website https://cohlerfuel.com/ or contact us at 718-808-8807

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