Holocaust Teaching Plan called The Zachor Holocaust Curriculum

by | Oct 8, 2021 | Education

The Holocaust or the Shoah was a devastating period in world history. During this time, there was a genocide that took place in Europe from 1941 to 1945 during World War Two. European Jews were targeted and killed by German Nazis and their collaborators.

Effects of The Holocaust:

In total, the Germans managed to murder approximately six million Jews in cold blood. Moreover, some people were placed in concentration camps and later murdered. People lost their lives in gas chambers and gas vans. Mass shootings and extermination camps were common. Throughout the years’ various entities have tried to erase this terrible history of Europe. However, others were directly affected, and it is hard for them to forget. Companies like zachorlearn.org are trying to educate the masses about the horrors of the holocaust and what led to it.

The Zachor Holocaust Curriculum:

Moreover, they also provide a curriculum that condemns bullying, racism, and discrimination. These are the vices that the holocaust thrived on. Therefore, the company offers holocaust teaching plan. The study guide includes learning resources that educate people about values that will promote victory after the catastrophe. Their resources promote peace and encourage unity worldwide.

The ZHC is a non-payable learning resource. The curriculum is a tool that educates about what happened in Eastern Europe during World War 2. The word zachor means to remember. The objective of the learning tool is to remind people and prevent it from happening again. The curriculum is the product of a Holocaust survivor who knows what it means to allow hate to spread in the world ever again. For more about their informative Holocaust Teaching Plan, contact zachorlearn.org.

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