How a Bail Bondsman in Upper Marlboro MD Helps Lower-Income U.S. Residents

by | Dec 21, 2018 | Bail Bonds

When a parent, son or daughter, husband or wife, or best friend wants to bail a loved one out of jail, paying cash bail may be impossible. However, this person may be able to afford the service fee for a Bail Bondsman in Upper Marlboro MD to post a surety bond. Once that is done, the arrested individual is released from jail and no longer has to wait behind bars until the case is resolved.

Being Jailed Without a Conviction

People generally agree that when someone has committed a criminal act, a certain degree of punishment is to be expected. A problem with the U.S. court system is that so many men and women are kept in jail without being convicted of a crime, simply because they don’t have enough money for bail. If they live in a state that does not have bail bonds services, they may feel compelled to accept a plea bargain in return for their release, even if they are innocent of the offense.

One point of bail is supposedly to reduce the flight risk of the person who has been released. Cash bail is returned as long as this individual makes all court dates as scheduled. But when large numbers of U.S. residents are kept incarcerated before trial because they don’t have enough money, the system seems to be broken. At least in some states, bail bonds are an option.

A Helpful Service for Lower-Income Men and Women

Lower-income men and women are most likely to seek out a bail bondsman in Upper Marlboro MD, since people with savings accounts and real estate can pay cash bail. The exception to their ability to pay is when a judge sets bail unusually high, after deeming the arrested person to be a flight risk or a potential danger to the community.

An organization like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency brings a certain amount of justice and protection of citizen rights to low-income U.S. residents. Although the fee is nonrefundable because it pays for the service, the arrested person is able to regain freedom and return to family and a job. Visit Us online.

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