How to Choose the Best Commercial Flooring in Olympia, WA

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There are four main categories to consider when choosing the best commercial flooring in Olympia, WA: cost, ease of maintenance, style, and durability. It is also important to note that some commercial flooring options work better in specific spaces. Flooring professionals such as those at Washington Hardwood Floors & Restorations can help you choose the best commercial flooring for your commercial space.

1. Cost

If you are on a very tight budget, carpet for your commercial flooring in Olympia, WA, is more than likely going to be your least expensive option. Generally, commercial carpet flooring is cheaper than tile, vinyl, and laminate flooring options. You can choose from a wide variety of styles and colors. Carpet flooring does require more maintenance than other options. You will have to regularly vacuum and deep clean carpets, which requires more work than simply sweeping and mopping.

2. Ease of Maintenance

Unlike carpet, commercial laminate flooring is much easier to maintain. It requires little to no maintenance. However, it is more expensive to buy and install commercial laminate flooring than carpet in nearly all cases. Commercial laminate flooring is a great alternative to hardwood flooring.

3. Style

Every commercial flooring material provides different style options. You can find commercial carpets in different colors, floor tiling in different shapes, and various stained hardwood flooring options.

4. Durability

Hardwood commercial flooring is one of the most durable yet expensive materials. Hardwood flooring requires little maintenance in comparison to other flooring options. While hardwood flooring is expensive, it has a long lifespan. For example, carpets must be replaced every five to ten years. Hardwood flooring only has to be refinished every seven to ten years and can be refinished approximately four to six times in its entire life.

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