How to Get a Health Certificate for Cats

by | Jun 21, 2021 | Veterinary

A health certificate for cats is issued by vets after a detailed inspection of the animal to identify any problems with the pet. If none are found, they issue a certificate that shows the results of the inspection and provides information about the cat’s overall health. Cats make for excellent pets because they don’t require a lot of care and maintenance. They like to spend their days without asking for a lot of attention, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get sick. Getting a health certificate for cats is a great idea for pet owners who want to take their animal with them outside the country.

The Routine Inspection

To get a certificate, you need to first find a reputable vet. Do your research and check different veterinary clinics in your area. If you know a friend who takes their cat to a vet and only sings praises of the clinic, you may want to go with that. Also, make sure that the clinic is in a position to issue a pet health certificate. You can get most of the information directly through their website.


Cats usually require a vaccine once a year for deworming and other ailments. It’s generally a wise idea to keep up to date with all of your pet’s vaccinations, especially if you want the certificate issued. You can also get your cat vaccinated from the clinic before getting the certificate from them.

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