How to Get Started with Your Virtual Executive Assistant

by | Jul 23, 2021 | Business

Hiring a virtual assistant is a fantastic solution to lighten your workload and ensure everything is done promptly without the cost of hiring full-time staff to work directly for you. If you’ve never worked with a virtual executive assistant before, it can be intimidating to hire one. The following tips will help you get started, so you can help your business thrive.

Create an Onboarding Document

It’s essential to create an onboarding document to detail what you expect from your virtual executive assistant. This document should include information, such as which accounts they need to use, what tasks they will be responsible for, contact information for relevant individuals, and your expectations for the work performed. The more details you can provide, the more successful your virtual assistant will be.

Choose Their Tasks

Most people hire virtual executive assistants to help lighten their workload without reducing productivity. One of the initial steps you need to take is determining which tasks you want your virtual assistant to handle. It’s always better to start smaller with essential tasks and add on new responsibilities as you see fit. Routine tasks that need attention daily are always good options, but you may also want to include one-time jobs at times.

Always Give Feedback

Building a relationship with your virtual executive assistant is always beneficial, but it requires offering feedback on the work they perform. If you aren’t happy with something, don’t be afraid to speak up. On the other hand, if they do a fantastic job, tell them. Setting clear expectations from the start is the best way to ensure a good fit with your virtual assistant. Providing them with feedback, both good and bad, will help them work more effectively for your benefit.

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