Important Qualities to Look for When Vetting Roofers to Work on Your Home

by | Jan 20, 2020 | Roofing

The rooftop is one of the most critical fixtures on your home. It serves a variety of purposes like protecting your family from the elements and adding value and beauty to your house.

When you want to keep it in the best condition possible, you need to hire experienced contractors to work on it regularly. You can pick out an experienced and worthy roofer in St. Augustine by knowing for what qualities to look in this contractor.


Before you hire a roofer in St. Augustine, you want to make sure that he or she is licensed to work on your house. Most states’ attorneys general require roofers to register with their offices. This registration highlights what roofing companies are licensed with the state and what ones are still working to earn those credentials.

While many roofing contractors offer proof of their licenses upfront, others can hesitate to admit whether or not they are properly licensed. If you have any doubt, you can always call the attorney general’s office in your state to ask if the company that you want to hire has licensing or lacks this credential.


In addition to being licensed, you want your roofers to be bonded. Bonding is a type of insurance that safeguards against costly damages that the contractors inflict on your home during the project. If there is a mishap like a fire or roof collapse that the roofers directly cause, the contractors’ bonding will pay for your losses.

As with licensing, you can ask for proof of bonding before you hire a roofing company. Most roofers will offer this credential upfront for your consideration.

You can find out more about hiring a roofer in St. Augustine online. These qualifications ensure that you hire someone who is qualified and ready to work on your house.

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