Meeting Your Spiral Round Duct Manufacturing Needs

by | Aug 17, 2021 | Business

HVAC is complicated enough as it is but can get quite a bit more so when it comes to commercial and industrial settings. There are a different set of requirements than residential HVAC, which means a need for a different type of work.

For manufacturing or industrial settings that require spiral round duct work, it takes the hand of a skilled, experienced professional to get the job done. The right manufacturer can not only create the right specifications for that duct but perform a seamless installation.

For Many Applications

The thing about spiral round duct work is that it can be used as a workhorse for HVAC systems in many arenas. That might be in the industrial, aerospace, or even manufacturing settings where the requirements of the HVAC system may be quite a bit different.

Most importantly, engineers have worked diligently to create the kind of ducts that ensure maximum strength and rigidity, all to ensure that they will hold up to the requirements of that industry. It is a custom fit for a custom need.

Spiral Duct Installation

Spiral duct installation was initially developed to be used for more high-pressure HVAC situations. Those air conditioning systems that require more high velocity or are used for medium to high pressure, above and below ground distribution systems would make use of spiral ducts. That means greater dust removal, grain handling, ventilation of carbon monoxide exhaust, improved sound reduction, and better thermal insulation.

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