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Necessary Steps for Fire Sprinkler Maintenance in Reno, NV

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You rely on your fire sprinkler system to protect your property and reduce damages that occur if a fire breaks out. However, you need to keep your fire sprinklers in excellent condition to ensure they work when you need them. Completing fire sprinkler maintenance in Reno, NV, will give you peace of mind that your system is reliable.

Keep Your Sprinklers Clear

Even though your fire sprinklers are often found on the ceiling, they can become blocked over time. If you want to keep your system in good operating condition, it’s essential to check often to ensure nothing is blocking access to the sprinklers. Tall furniture and other features in your building can get in the way and prevent your sprinkler from working when needed.

Make Sure the Controls Are Open

It may seem like an obvious aspect of fire sprinkler maintenance in Reno, NV, but sometimes the controls for your system may be closed. Perhaps you closed them to complete other maintenance or you’re waiting for a repair. Keeping the valves open is essential to the function of your fire sprinkler system. It’s worth making a habit of checking whether the controls are open regularly, so it doesn’t become something you forget until it’s too late.

Professional Inspections

When you get your fire sprinkler system installed, talk to the company you use about how often your system should be inspected. Routine inspections are essential to fire sprinkler maintenance in Reno, NV. You will likely need an inspection at least once a year. However, depending on your system, building codes, and other factors, you may require a quarterly or monthly inspection. Inspecting your system visually in between professional inspections can also help you identify potential problems early to ensure prompt resolution.

If you need help with your fire sprinkler maintenance in Reno, NV, Contact the Summit Fire & Security company to learn more.

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