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Optimally Designed and Innovative Commercial Ice Machines in New Jersey

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Quality Ice Cream Cabinets

Discerning businesses choose reliable and sleek ice cream cabinets in NJ for keeping customers happy when they want to cool off in summer temperatures. These ice cream dipping cabinets or gelato dipping cabinets include various features for optimal refrigeration and efficiency.

Ice cream cabinets in NJ can include:

• Dual Condensing System
• Self-Defrosting Feature
• 60mm Polyurethane Insulation
• Internal LED Light
• Included Can Holders
• 5-Liter Storage Pans
• Easy-Dipping Thin Profile
• Reduced Condensation With Heated Front Glass

Simple Ice Machine Innovation
Businesses will value the features that come with ground-breaking but simple-to-use ice makers in NJ. Simple but effective ice-making innovation can meet or exceed D.O.E. regulations with BPA-free parts and 20-percent energy-efficiency optimization.

These groundbreaking commercial ice machines in NJ can also discharge air from the side and top, making them optimal solutions for tight locations while reducing potential exhaust obstructions.

These ice makers in NJ are also easy-install plug-and-play designs with smart control boards, mission-critical indicators, digital diagnostics and universal components. And they make maintenance easy with one-touch sanitizing and descaling, dishwasher-safe components, and quick-wipe-down construction.

Sid Singer founded his Automatic Ice Maker Company in 1961 as a way to offer quality and hassle-free commercial ice machines in NJ for restaurants, stores, and warehouses in the tri-state area. Whether for a replacement or upgrade commercial ice machine call the experienced experts at 1-800-423-4787 or visit today.