Practical Ways to Solve Complicated Fastener Problems During a DIY Project

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Fasteners Supply

If you use a search engine and type in the term where can I find nuts bolts and fasteners near me, you probably have some DIY skills. However, you may not know that there are many quick fixes for common DIY problems. You’ll learn how to implement two procedures in this guide.

Problem One

A wood screw might lose its grip in a wall. When this happens, there is no way to create traction.

The Solution

A wood screw will less likely strip if you follow these steps. First, create a hole in the wall, and place two short copper wires in it. The wires will create traction for the screw.

Problem Two

When a nut rusts, it will adhere to a metal surface like cement. You don’t need a torque wrench to solve this problem. Just follow these steps.

The Solution

Grab an acetylene torch, and heat up the stubborn nut. When the metal turns red or glows, extinguish the flame. If the nut is still stuck, press a candle against the metal while it’s hot. The melted wax from the candle will act as a lubricant, and it should loosen the nut.

For more quick fixes, consult a seasoned handyman. He will be happy to share his tricks of the trade. Here is another quick fix. When you’re searching for nuts bolts and fasteners near me, compare the best deals on the top selections. If you shop around, you may find a company that provides cost savings via engineering integration.

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