Reasons To Avoid A Delay In AC Replacement In Oahu

by | Feb 25, 2019 | Air Conditioning & Heating

There are many systems in a home, and each of those systems will eventually need to be repaired or replaced. Most homeowners in Oahu, as well as across the country, try to avoid replacing systems for as long and possible.

However, when it comes to AC replacement, delaying the inevitable can be very costly. To help understand why your HVAC service may recommend replacement rather than repair early in the process, consider the following issues that add to the long term cost of keeping old systems running.

Inefficient Cooling

New air conditioning systems sold by Island Comfort Air Conditioning are much more energy efficient than those sold one or two decades ago. With the almost continual use of the AC systems in homes in Oahu, this inefficiency can add up.

When an old, outdated air conditioner is not replaced, it costs additional money to run the system every day. The older systems use more power, they cycle on for longer, and they take longer to cool off the air, all factors that add to both the energy bill for the homeowner as well as the impact on the environment.

Risk of Breakdown

Putting off AC replacement beyond the normal life cycle of the AC unit also means running the risk of system failure. When this happens, and it will look at some point, there will be a delay in purchasing a new system and scheduling the replacement.

While this can be a minimal time when working with a top HVAC company, it can still be an inconvenience. By choosing a time that is convenient for you, it is possible to shop for the most energy efficient system, do your research on the system and then plan the installation around your schedule and your budget.

To learn more about choosing an AC replacement for your home in Oahu, talk to the experts at Island Comfort Air Conditioning. More information is always available online at

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